Distillation Column

What is a distillation column?

Distillation is a basic method that used for separation liquid mixture by treated operations (heating, vaporization, consolidation, cooling)  for crude petroleum/oil and petroleum/oil products.

 Distillation column and working process of distillation column

 Distillation columns types manufactured by Unka Engineering;

  • Atmospheric distillation column
  • Vacuum distillation column
  • Asphalt oxidation column and also  
  • Tray column and packed columns that are used in distillation systems.

Areas of usage of distillation columns

Distillation columns are used in several processes like recycling plant of waste mineral oil, crude oil refinery, solvent recovery and realized chemical projects.

Design of distillation columns

Distillation columns are classify by type and designed according to properties of boiling points of components in mixtures.  Data of Vapor-liquid equilibrium are used to separate for this mixtures. necessary tray number and properties are settled by vapor-liquid equilibrium properties of mixtures and number of phase. In other words, size of distillation columns, basic design and especially height of distillation columns are determined by data of vapor- liquid equilibrium.

Distillation columns are manufactured from high-grade metarials whichs are purchase from reliable source with first class workmanship. Our company always works  with customized desing and specifications. Design and software unit are implemented according to demanding and product ,used CAD/CEM programs and other technical programs with expert staff.

Unka Engineering with experiences and savings for thirty years;

High performance, low maintenance need and customized distillation column manufacturing with technical programs (CHEMCAD,ASPEN,3DMAX,3DPLANT,AUTOCAD)

Our distillation columns;

Our distillation columns are corrosion-resistant, heat-tolerant and pressure resistant.

Unka Engineering are implemented international standards (ISO,TSE,CE) for all of product during manufacturing process.

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