Distillation Furnace

Distillation Furnace

Distillation furnace is the most important part of distillation process, is used in heating step.

Property of Distillation Furnace

Although furnace is straight plane there are no air retention problems and carbonization of circulation situation can be avoidable.

Manufacturing construction allows for easy adaptation for stress which is occurring at high heat change.

We can arrange oven temperature in arrange of +/- 10°C for oil or petroleum products.

Pipe flow and resistance calculations, hydraulics and turbulent losses has been taking from  \ "RECNAGEL-SPRENGER Heizung Lüftung Klimatetechnik \

  • The minimum limit of Accepted square meters efficiency is taken 21to 25,000 Kcal / m2.h and usually calculated  as 21000 Kcal / m2.h.
  • Material stress which occurs because of stretch and elongation is avoidable because of customized furnace construction.
  • Furnace burner is installed straight plane so there is easy maintaining and less breakdown (because of heat) .Also there is no air problem. Hence there is no need for addition establishment.

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