Heat Exchanger-Condenser

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy (enthalpy) between two fluids or a solid surface and a fluid.

Common classification according to construction:

  • Tubular heat Exchangers
  • Plate heat Exchangers
  • Expanded surface heat exchangers
  • Regenerative heat exchangers

The tubular heat exchangers are widely used in industry. They can be custom designed for virtually any capacity and operating conditions so there is lots of tubular heat exchanger types.

Heat transfer surface is built of circular tubes, although elliptical, rectangular, or round/flat twisted tubes. In typical proses, a circulating fluid flows through tubes and second flows past the tubes parallel or cross. This cools the coolant and heats the incoming flow. So heat transfer is made on tube surface.

ÜNKA Engineering offers tubular heat exchangers which are specifically designed for the thermal treatment with customized solutions. The major components of this exchanger are Straight and U tubes (or tube bundle), shell from rolled plate or piping, frontend head, rear-end head, baffles, and tube sheets tubes as heat transfer surface.

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