ÜNKA engineering with expert team produce Industrial and Industry type Mixer and Blenders which are manufactured from high class and special steel sources. Mixer and blender movements can be configurable for different speed range and constant velocity. All of our industrial mixers are custom built to meet each application requirement with high technology and experience

Types of Industrial and Industry Mixer/Blender are manufactured by ÜNKA Customized design belongs to materials being combined, the cycle time that you require, and the amount of product.

  •  High-shear speed emulsion Mixer/Blender
  •  Wall mounted and movable Mixer/Blender
  •  Horizontal type Mixer/Blender
  •  Vertical powder type Mixer/Blender
  •  For viscose products vertical liquid Mixer/Blender

ÜNKA Engineering is using international standards in every stage of manufacturing.

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