The Thin Film Evaparator

Thin Film Evaporator

Thin film evaporators are provided maximum efficiency and solution for difficult and demanding process problems in the areas of distillation. Thin Film Evaporators have benefits in the following main technical features from other evaporator types;

  •  shorten period of distillation ,
  •  neater distillate product ,
  •  minimized operator factor ,
  •  rapid functionality,
  •  Multi-component distillation of liquid chemicals that recyclable in the fastest way.

Thin film evaporator is a versatile distillation unit. The product comes into contact with the rotor blades which generate highly turbulent flow with centrifugal force and a thin turbulent film on the heat transfer surface is formed. When distillate products reach boiling point, distillate products are rise upward in this composed film as vapor and pure product is taken from below part.

Benefits of Thin Film Evaporator;

This method successfully handles heat-sensitive, viscous and fouling-type fluids because of short duration of heat.

  •  Low energy cost; total 45 Kw ( normal distillation-450kw)
  •  Less staff:3 staff/24 h (normal distillation;9 staff/24 h)
  •  Less heating energy 250.000 kcal/h (normal distillation 1.000.000 kcal/h)
  • Areas of usage of thin film evaporator
  •  Solvent reclamation from waste paints
  •  Waste organic liquids
  •  Glues of paints and liquids recovery
  •  Agricultural chemicals

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