Biodiesel Plants

Biodiesel Plants

As ÜNKA Engineering, our aim is manufacture quality, safe, eco-friendly, economic biodiesel process to our customer.

Biodiesel is diesel fuel oil that product from vegetable oil. Biodiesel production is possible from all of vegetables oil and waste oils. Transesterification is a duration that enables to convert oil to biodiesel.

In General, there is a three basic way for production of biodiesel from oils. These methods are; trans-esterification of oil with base catalysis, transesterification of oil with acid catalysis and converting oils to fatty acids.

ÜNKA Engineering prefers is base catalysis transesterification is the most economic method, required low temperature and pressure, obtained 98 % efficiency approximately.

Beside, being eco-friendly process, Biodiesel making a major contribution to decline of prices in countries where price of petrol and diesel is high. It is extend engine life as better lubricant in terms of diesel, safer by the reason of high flash point and help to dispose external dependence.