Tire Recycling Plants

Tyre / Tire Recycling

ÜNKA Engineering is developed high efficiency system that worked with high technology and pyrolysis process in applications of tyre/ tire recycling after long R&D searches.

Pyrolysis process is base application for ÜNKA Engineering’s tire recycling system;

Worn out tires /tyres are converted to carbon black, gas, steel wire and oil in airless conditions with heat treatment . This operation stages are determined according to pressure of system, temperature of system, duration of system and material.

Benefits of tyre/ tire recycling system;

  •  100% recycling
  •  Safe and environment friendly,
  •  Energy conservation
  •  Market availability for all products that provided with recycling.

Products of tyre/ tire recycling system;

  •  35 % - 42% waste oil
  •  35% - 45% carbon black
  •  12%-15% waste steel wire
  •  7%-12% Gasto detailed information and communication click here...

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