Used Oil Refinery

Used Oil Recycling Plant / Waste Oil Recycling Plant

ÜNKA Engineering is solution partner about fulfilling the requirement of customer in field of manufacturing, mounting and automation of liquid petroleum/ mineral oil recycling plant.

ÜNKA Engineering is carried out success projects in Middle East, Europe and Eurasia countries and continued to development in field of recycling systems with still-continuing projects about mineral oil/ waste oil recycling plant.

  • Filtration
  • Dehydration
  • Separation of asphalt phase
  • Fractination


Filtration is treatment that absorbed undesired particles such as soil, solid particles with special filter system by Unka Engineering.


Is treatment , obtained  light products from oil under pressure with atmospheric distillation method.

This method are made up with designed and manufactured distillation column by Unka Engineering

Separation of asphalt phase

Asphalt is made from components of used oils that converted  carbonazition form during usage time.

Vacuum distillation is designed and manufactured by  Unka Engineering.


Under high vacuum,

Bas oil is seperate from asphalt phase in vacuum column, with used differences of boiling point, is treatment that obtained different areas in distilation column.

Obtained  base oils are described; light , medium and heavy  base oil

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