Quality Policy

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Our Quality Policy

1-) Best quality manufacturing with latest scientific and technological developments and continuously master prospective / modernize existing technologies

2-) ÜNKA intends to meet the requirements and expectations of its internal and external customers for full work, and to continuously provide guaranteed customer satisfaction.

3-) Providing infinite trust with permanent and long-term business partners and suppliers.

4-) UNKA is aware that the environment has to be protected from hazardous conditions. It is one of the main principles of UNKA, therefore, to select materials and techniques that are appropriate for the purpose of protecting the environment.

5-) The management system, with all its processes and procedures, is organized in compliance with international requirements (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality standards)

6-) To the health ,safety and welfare of all staff  and people who can be affected, prevent the occurrence of possible accident and damage

7-) Quality is the responsibility of every employee and improving with education.

8-) Continuous improvement in Quality, Occupational health and safety and Environment management systems.

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